Thursday, October 02, 2014

Why Cunliffe is so out of touch

A quote from Stuff today:

It is important to me that I leave my personal brand, which is reasonably statesman-like, and I'm not into any form of gutter politics.

Never, ever describe yourself as "statesman-like." It isn't a matter of veracity. It's a matter of humility. He has none.


Shane Pleasance said...

I had thought he was a REASONABLE twat. No. He is just a twat.

tranquil said...

"I'm not into any form of gutter politics."

Yeah, right - so you're expecting us to believe that Labour wasn't in on the whole "Dirty Politics" saga right from the start.
Tui ad coming right up.

Jigsaw said...

As my old mum used to say "self praise is no recommendation". It seems that Cunliffe is all ego and really can't see why he should stand down. He is likely to do a Samson with the Labour Party and bring the whole thing crashing down.