Sunday, November 11, 2012

More adoptive parents needed

The UK is leading a trend back to adoption:

Michael Gove has called on more people to adopt children. The call comes as it has emerged that more than 4200 children are ready for adoption but have not yet been able to move in with a family – a figure that has grown by 650 in each of the last two years.

The Secretary of State [for Education], who was adopted when he was four months old, said he wants other children to have the same early settled experience of a secure and loving home. It still takes on average two and a half years from a child going into care to being adopted. For that reason the Government has undertaken a series of reforms to make the adoption process swifter, and encourage more people to come forward.

"There are thousands of children around the country waiting for adoption. I was adopted when I was four months old and it changed my life. These children should have the same opportunities as I did and reap all the benefits of being in a loving supportive home."

Hear, hear.

Hear, hear.

We'd have 4,200 babies and children in this country, if not ready for adoption, ripe for adoption.


Glen Herud said...

The problem NZ has is there are not enough children put up for adoption. Many children shifted from foster home to foster home, when there are scores of people waiting for a child to be placed for adoption.
Paula Bennett's "home for life" program is great but its not adoption.
My wife and I adopted our first son from overseas, as there were no local children placed for adoption.

Lindsay Mitchell said...

I know Glen. It's an absurd and quite tragic travesty.

Anonymous said...

Many of these 'ripe for adoption' children are damaged before birth.Alcohol,glue and other solvents and drugs have ensured that.Are all those people wanting to adopt ready for this?