Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Joel Loffley - another 'killer on bail'?

The jury is deliberating about whether Joel Loffley is guilty of the manslaughter or murder of his partner's child J J Lawrence.

If the verdict is guilty either way, one aspect of the story hasn't been highlighted.

Joel Loffley was "on probation" after a previous assault charge. The ability to put him on probation was afforded by J J Lawrence's mother who provided a "bail address".

Only the Otago Daily Times has reported this detail:

Earlier, Loffley told police he met JJ's mother Josephine on a social networking website. He said she let him move in because he needed a bail address while he faced a charge of male assaults female. The charge related to an alleged assault on his ex-girlfriend.

Loffley had also been to prison earlier because he talked about not wanting to "go back to prison". In the main, only hardened types end up in prison in this country. Even J J 's real father James Ruhe, also in prison, knew of Loffley, knew he was "not to be trusted" because he was trying to get in touch with the mother about him. Judging by Loffley's admitted behaviour while on probation, he should have stayed there.

The number of murders in this country due to bad court decisions is deplorable. This may be another.


Anonymous said...

The whole case is sickening, absolutely. Why is the mother escaping scott-free for not better protecting her vulnerable son? This needs to be looked at also. Our judges are making some shocking decisions, and look at who is paying the price. This is such a sad case, words escape me.

Anonymous said...

"He said she let him move in because he needed a bail address while he faced a charge of male assaults female."

What is going on with women in this country - why are they so desperate to have a man in their life that they dont filter.

She knew he was an asshole but invited him into her home anyway?

That alone (along with all the rest of implicit support of Loffley and her own deliberately neglectful actions) should ensure she is charged with manslaughter.

I dont believe that imprisonment holds the key to solving child abuse, but ensuring there is appropriate penalties for deliberate or implicit abuse is a must in a humane society.

Seems to me this country fights harder for the convictions of animal abusers than they do for our children yet if you stop child abuse you stop animal abuse. While closely intertwined, it starts with the neglect, abuse & maltreatment of a child, not with the animals (as is so commonly assumed).