Friday, September 11, 2009

Nannies no more - you're kidding

Philicitous Goff is apologising for past nannying and cites eco-light bulbs, low pressure shower heads and the anti-smacking legislation as examples of where Labour went wrong.

Then he praises Kiwisaver and Working for Families as great Labour policies blithely ignoring that these are amongst the worst examples of nannying. Nanny will save for you. Nanny will give you extra money if you have more children than you can afford.

Nanny = state.

But most voters only dislike nanny when she is telling them they can't do something. It's just fine and dandy when she is feathering their nests.

Phil knows this. And so does Key.

It is plain to see what Labour is up to. They are positioning themselves as an anti-nanny opposition. Because National are most certainly giving them plenty ammunition. Think alcohol laws, raising the drinking age, raising the driving age, banning pseudoephedrine, and the real biggy, agreeing to keep the loathed anti-smacking legislation.

Labour is brazenly clearing the decks to brand themselves as the non-nannies. What a joke.

But the truly dreadful aspect of this is people will buy it. And the country will carry on down the alternating Labour/National road with the only real change to the size and power of the state going in the wrong direction.


Mark Hubbard said...

I heard Goff on the news this morning trying to proclaim Labour wasn't a nanny party, and I thought it utterly bizarre.

How dumb does he think we are.

And I agree with you Lindsay, Key is no improvement. I've got this awful feeling that the only thing we're going to get from three years of a National Government is another tax - on Capital Gains, and no reduction in the huge size, and just as bad, massive reach, of the damned State.

brian_smaller said...

Yes Mark - Key has been a disappointment. I had hoped for much more. Chester Burrows told me at rugby a few weeks back that every time someone brings up fact that core supporters don't like the direction "55% in the polls" gets quoted back.

Lindsay said...

What I would like to know is how many people polled aren't stating any preference. I wouldn't. We only get the percentage of those who can say what party they would vote for.

Anonymous said...

Like I said elsewhere - paying back the money Labour stole isn't enough of an apology. If you rob a house, then pay everything back, you still get fined, you still go to jail, you still get a criminal record

It is interesting to consider what a "real" apology from Labour would look like. It is very hard to see how the party could not summarily disband after any real apology.

Anonymous said...

Key should not be too complacent about those polls. It's very early days and people will not forget, especially over the totatally loathed anti-smacking bill. Yep, Key is a total let down, but I am not surprised, if he really had a spine, he would not have gone against the people in the first place. Oh, for a leader with a heart, a spine and some old-fashioned gumption! Key looks smug and complacent, I give him two terms, at most. Who to vote for? No one.