Tuesday, October 02, 2007


Continuing with the crime stats this statement from TVNZ is ....braindead;

According to new crime statistics, there was more violent crime and more sexual offending this year but on the posiitve side more criminals were put behind bars.

It would be more understandable if crime was increasing because fewer criminals were being locked up. The two together would make sense.

That more criminals are being removed from society and violent crime continues to climb (most people in prison are there for violent convictions) is actually cause for concern. It is not a "positive".

(And that's their spelling mistake too.)


Anonymous said...

"Surely we could be reassured if crime was increasing because more criminals were being released. The two together would make sense."

Not sure I follow this,Lindsay.

Are you saying that if released criminals were committing the increased levels of crime when they got out, then that would be reassuring?

Maybe I do follow what you mean (after reading that and the next paragraph several times).

Lindsay said...

"Reassuring" is a bad choice of word. I'll try again. If the increase in violent crime was occurring because we were putting fewer people in prison it would be more understandable. At the moment we are unable to lock criminals up at a rate which reduces crime. Both rates are going up. I see nothing "positive" there.

On reflection, releasing people is not the opposite of imprisoning more. Imprisoning less is. I will change the post. Thanks for pointing this out. Bit of a cheek entitling my post "Duh":-)

Still I think I know what I mean. I'm not sure they do.

Anonymous said...

Lindsay, how many of these people " put behind bars" were released on home detention and refoffending? Perhaps thats why more are being " locked up" because they cant get home detention....