Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Do it or we will make you

Back in 2001 the radio industry was told to lift their quota of NZ product or else. I well remember the debate having got involved in a tit-for-tat with Mike Chunn (Head of Australian Performing Rights Association) through the letters page of the Evening Post. He was slagging programmers as "prejudiced and lazy" and was right behind the Minister's quota push.

It's a fine line between the threat of compulsion and compulsion itself. So I say again, the logic is very mangey. Because radio stations did what they were told under threat of complusion the argument has been twisted to, NZers must have wanted it after all. Now look where Maharey wants to go;

Mr Maharey said he would consult the Radio Broadcasting Association and the music industry to decide where to go next with the code.

He said radio in Australia and countries of a similar size to New Zealand, such as Ireland, had up to 50 per cent local music.


Michael said...

Perhaps Maharey could explain how Rock'n'Roll, or Rap, or Soul or Electronica ever got radio play in the US and became popular without government quotas?

noizy said...

when did electronica ever become popular in the USA?