Thursday, May 19, 2022

Budget baloney

Unbelievable bullshit.

The great spin machine has it that for too long mothers on the DPB - called Sole Parent Support since 2013 - have been robbed, yes robbed, of their rightful child support payments made by the non-custodial father. Jacinda says mothers have been "denied money that is rightfully theirs."

Reality check. The state has generously paid a livable statutory entitlement to any sole parent - regardless of the reason for their single state - since 1973. If the non-custodial parent was paying child support (known as 'maintenance' at that time) the state kept it to offset the cost of the benefit to the taxpayer.

Today's announcement puts an end to that.

Some sole parents are in for a pay rise. 

Not because the father is going to pay more. But because the taxpayer is.


Zoe Black said...

Could be that prior to the budget the govt calculated what it was costing them to go after non-custodial parents and determined it was better off not to bother.

I have similar thoughts with every rise in minimum wage, or some other payment.

They give generously, but are careful to take even more.

Hilary Taylor said...

Leaves me cross too. Private & domestic arrangements get cushioned by the taxpayer when things turn to custard and they expect us to view this top-up as right & just? And so many commentators do! WHat's to stop these folks making their own private arrangements without leaning on the taxpayer, hmm??? If they prefer the safety rail then what we manage to claw back from the parent leaving the nest is fair, surely. Not in the least bit a 'steal'. Sheesh.