Friday, October 22, 2021

MSD stocktake: "...not yet following the desired direction of travel..."

The Ministry of Social Development, Carmel Sepuloni's portfolio, has just released its annual report. Here are some of the indicators of their 'progress':

Average future years on a benefit:

Median time to house clients on the housing register:

Percentage of clients exiting main benefit who return to main benefit (within one year):

Client net trust score:

The official word on this failure is:
Results, in general, indicate that performance is not yet following the desired direction of travel for all indicators.

The Chief Executive's forward should reassure us all though. Never fear - the waka is turning!


pdm said...

Not exactly sure what that Waka is or where it is supposedly heading.

I just think I would not want to be on it if Carmel Sepuloni is steering it..

Bob said...

I'm staggered that this government allowed this data to escape

alloy said...

I'm with Bob, even the propaganda and data suppression has failed here.

Zoe Black said...

Finding the median time on the housing waitlist hard to believe.