Monday, September 13, 2021

Effect of lock down 2020 on satisfaction with govt

From a survey by MSD into how the 2020 Covid lock downs affect various aspects of people's lives, two graphs. 

The propensity control group was surveyed before the pandemic.

"Satisfaction with the Government. Respondents rated their satisfaction (0 = completely dissatisfied; 10 = completely satisfied) with “the performance of the current New Zealand government”:

Voting in the 2020 election confimed this pattern.

I'll be watching for a repeat of this survey in 2021.

Does anyone think the effect will be the same?

We better hope not or there will be plenty more lock downs coming.

Not unusually I'm out of step with the norm - or surveyed respondents anyway.

My satisfaction with govt went south (if that's possible) with the onset of the first lock down.


Desperado said...

It is a little depressing isn't it. I'd like to believe that this time its different, that people's patience is wearing thin, but then I read social media and most love the lockdowns. Nuts.

Anonymous said...

Those who love the lockdowns appear to be those who aren't in business owners, nor sole traders, but are on a govt guaranteed paycheck. Nothing hits them in the pocket, and it's one great long holiday. It would be interesting to pair those surveyed responses with income source.

Lindsay Mitchell said...

Wouldn't it. The survey shows 'satisfaction with govt' by age, gender and ethnicity but not by income source.

Zoe Black said...

There are other options to get this under control which won't bankrupt the country
Once this becomes clear they won't be as popular or be able to hog media coverage.

At least they aren't dropping suggestions about mandatory vaccination (yet).

Anonymous said...

It's the loss of personal and hard won freedoms that get me! Why do people give this away so easily and totally? To not be able to mix with others, not to have a coffee out, or a movie, or a Church service or a dinner out etc, etc, etc. That people love this govt forced home detention is indeed nuts. The first one was understandable, but this one is not. And all the rules have tightened, and it's absolutely amoral to lockdown healthy people. But the sad part is, most either like it or at least pretend they do!! Go figure! The power they have over us is criminal, yet no one says boo. FFS.

Anonymous said...

those parameters are consistent with govts voting block concept of criticsl race theory and group identity. They dedicate most of their efforts to division, group think and ideology. So perhaps we should not be surprised.