Wednesday, June 23, 2021

"Sexual violence bill could see more innocent Māori face jail"

The persistent Samira Taghavi writes yet another column in opposition to the unjust Sexual Violence Bill proceeding through parliament.

"The bill will presumptively prohibit evidence pointing to innocence and destroy a defendant’s right to silence, thus increasing conviction numbers. The legislation is built upon the faulty statistical spin that the conviction rate for rape is “appallingly low” when, in an ‘oranges with oranges’ comparison, sexual violation convictions are actually in line with those for some other violent crimes."

She's really sticking it to the Maori Party, and Labour's Maori MPs for refusing to engage with those against the legislation:

The Māori Party’s lack of objection to the bill appears more ideologically driven, with being a compliant cog in the wider left-wing cause seeming the grand objective. But it would be disappointing if the party’s two MPs don’t now realise that keeping innocent tangata whenua out of jail must deserve as much energy as keeping neckties out of Parliament.

Samira is doubtless using the Maori angle to get more publicity, but why not? That's the modus operandi of the politicians she is exposing.


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Hilary Taylor said...

For sure. But reason & rationale are not in vogue nowadays...feelz, show-boating & toeing lines are. Good on that woman.