Wednesday, May 26, 2021

"You have nothing to fear"

 Here's Stuart Nash, MP for Napier:

Nash acknowledged that Hawke's Bay had a gang problem, but said arresting people was not the solution to the problem.

In terms of public safety, Nash said any form of gang violence “tends to be perpetrated against other gangs”.

“In terms of feeling unsafe, unless you’re a gang member, you have no reason to feel unsafe. The public are not everyday target. I understand gangs can be intimidating, but unless you’re a rival member or tied up in the drug trade, you have nothing to fear.”

Tell that to the toddler shot dead by a gang in Wanganui; tell that to a young nurse who was relieved of $2,000 he'd just withdrawn from an ATM by gang members and offered no assistance by the police; tell that to rape victims who serve as unwitting initiation objects.

What a terrible stance for an MP to take.


Rick said...

I think he's throwing fuel on the fire because Nash wants to be Min. of Police again. He wants to join the bidding war for being hard on crime with Simeon Brown and ride that slide to Prime Ministership.

This is also why the Ardern-Robertson Ministry have pushed Nash out from the good jobs and give him dirty ones instead. They know he wants their job.

pdm said...

Nash has always been an embarrassment as a Minister and an MP. He holds Napier only because it is a long time Labour stronghold - not on merit.

He is not liked or res[ected at all in the city as I understand it.

gravedodger said...

I am a member of an international gang, we have insignia, we shamelessly raise money often with mild coercion, we are emerging from a sexist past where women were treated not so well in current understanding, not even admitted by some chapters. However it has never been deemed necessary to employ a vaguely pale female to be our public face as we find widespread image satisfaction comes from our good works in public assessment.
That said should our membership indulge in a serious illegal motorcade we may not be quitee so immune to0 an intervention of the law enforcement division of the constabulary.

Waimata said...

My daughter was in Taradale during the gang shoot out there. Yeah, nothing to fear. A few months earlier Nash had happily taken my pest control rifle away from me for public safety after a foreign terrorist killed innocent people 500kms away. I've lost 100,000 native trees to feral deer and goats since then, but at least we're all safe now.

Mark Wahlberg said...

Has Minister Nash had a makeover, or is the pressure of the job getting to him??