Thursday, May 06, 2021

The spanner in the works for separatism


More Maori men and more Maori women are married to or cohabiting with Europeans than other Maori.

Updated data:

Comparing the 2001 and 2013 data a number of patterns are evident:

1. There has been a small but important decline in the proportion of partnered Māori who

have a Māori partner. In 2001, 53% of partnered Māori men had a Māori partner. In

2013 this declined to 48%. For Māori women the decline was from 52% to 47%.


david said...

New version of marrying into money.

Oi said...

I cant think of a country in the last thousand years that has come close to New Zealand in its willing merging of two peoples.
A couple of weeks ago, I was looking at a site displaying old school photos and I mentioned to my wife that I was born in the dying stages of WWII and throughout my school years I was totally unaware of racial differences. Looking at these pics, I identified a number who were Maori, but back then we were one. We weere in and out of each others homes, we played and got into trouble together...
It was the same in my early work years. By this time, we were identifiable, but we worked, played and fought together and we were still one. Then came a movement - I think it was Whinea Cooper kicked it off - And there has been a small group of bitter radicals ever since, trying to drive a wedge and re-writing whole swaths of history. Now these sad and bitter wreckers have come up with a new attack, using an old system made infamous in South Africa - Apartheid.
If they succeed, and with this government it wouldnt surprise me, I want to see it self funded by those who advocate it.
Not one cent of anyone elses taxes should go towards an apartheid movement.