Tuesday, May 18, 2021

No coherence in Labour's thinking or approach

 According to Bryce Edwards on RNZ

"...pressure to deliver to those most in need is now just too great for the government to ignore, and rumours are building that a benefit increase will be announced."

A benefit increase would be consistent with Labour's general approach to welfare.

But how does it tie in with the new immigration policy?

"...the country must move away from its reliance on a low-skilled migrant labour force."

The PM stressed on RNZ this morning, " Those on temporary work visas make up 5 percent of the labour force - the highest share in the OECD" with a definite implication that 'highest' was a bad thing.

But if benefits are made more attractive (along with already increasing ease of access) then New Zealanders are not going to fill the roles that migrants willingly do.

Here's an example:

Jade is on sole parent support, but she does not want to be on a benefit.

She wants to study, but she has decided to wait another couple of years, so she can spend more time with her nine-year-old daughter.

I initially received this as audio and thought I must have misheard, and she said 9 month-old daughter.

I was wrong. 

A benefit is not provided so a parent can spend more time with their 9 year-old who is presumeably at school for most of the day. Jade could support herself - or very nearly - doing any number of jobs that low-skilled migrants do.

Sorry but I have a problem with people with this sort of attitude.

And I am very grateful and inspired by people who come to New Zealand and uncomplainingly fill crucial roles. We need more of their work ethic and self-reliance here.



Ele Ludemann said...

Join the dots - Labour has forced a steep increase on the minimum wage so they can increase benefits and still maintain a gap between income from fulltime work and a benefit.

Anonymous said...

I have noticed, living in a small economically depressed benefit-supported town, that every time benefits increase there is a rise in violence and crime. I wonder if this is because of extra cash being used for drugs and alcohol and would like to see research done on this.


Max Ritchie said...

That’s the rub, isn’t it? Some people are happy to have other people support them. Why go to work when you can have your neighbours pay your bills? For them, the Labour Party’s approach is manna, literally. And if you Rob Peter to pay Paul you’ll always get the vote of Paul. Cynical, dishonest and effective. Mickey Savage and Peter Fraser would be horrified. Someone should ask the present MP for Napier what his adopted father’s father would have thought of this.

Sam said...

Wish I neve clicked the article. Got no words for it.

"Kimmy has two sons and another baby on the way. She said being on the benefit is tough."

Lindsay Mitchell said...

Ditto Sam. And Max is quite right. The architects of the welfare state would be aghast at how it has evolved.

Rick said...

I heard that audio too. Jade also said, defiently (to her inner critic?), that if we want her to have a job we must buy her a car!