Thursday, April 08, 2021

The worst form of racism

The worst form of racism perpetrated against Maori is that "they all think the same way."

They don't. Never have and never will.

I was just watching this Billy Te Kahika episode from Christchurch today.

Yet another freedom of speech issue. Another case of  'social media'  quashing real life gatherings.

We all have to rally behind the freedom to speak and be heard. 

If we allow ourselves to be divided racially by political manipulation (current modus operandi), we get weaker - not stronger.


Mark Wahlberg said...

Lindsay, perhaps the fault lies with the Cafe owners who were naive by not understanding what hosting a political firebrand would mean for their business.

If I want a quiet cup of coffee and a bite to eat, I would hardly frequent an establishment full of shambolic minds from both sides of the political divide, giving vent to their frustrations using their mouths for other things besides a repository for cake.

Billy Te makes a great Soap box Preacher. said...

The they-all-think-alike is both racist and ridiculous. Freedom of speech is under threat, but I would still defend a private business's right to dictate who can or can't use their premises.

Lindsay Mitchell said...

I agree Home Paddock but they should be able to make their decisions freely - not because of social media bullying.