Thursday, March 25, 2021

Another root cause of racial disadvantage


(Left click on image to enlarge)

Note a marked reversal in a number of positive trends since 2017.



Anonymous said...

I think you will find that all the previous Government's Better Public service targets have got worse as we have moved to focus on kindness.

Certainly the vaccination rates and the rheumatic fever rates have either got worse or not improved on the past trend.

Brendan McNeill said...


Thank you once again for your persistent and long suffering attempt to draw the obvious connection between family structure (previous graph) and education success or failure in this graph.

As you are also rightly pointing out time and time again, it's not just educational failure that is a product of dysfunctional or non existent families, but all of the negative social indicators including crime and imprisonment.

I do understand that there is more than one contributing factor producing those negative outcomes, but family structure appears to me at least, to be the primary cause, and one all politicians refuse to acknowledge. This is a direct consequence of our abandonment of objective truth, and our embrace of moral relativism. What politician would dare to suggest that state funded single parenting produces consistently worse outcomes than those delivered by two parent natural families? And therein lies the problem, and sadly despite the present 'kindness' narrative, there is no solution in sight.

Shadows said...

Maori make up around 15% of NZ population. That graph looks like the it's showing Maori under 20 mothers to be very close to 2/3rds. So over represented by 4.4x. Wow.

The NCEA graph appears to peak in 2017. Funny how that happens to be the same year the government changed...

Anonymous said...

Isn't 2017 when they decided to dump Nationals reporting standards?