Friday, March 05, 2021

A picture of govt failure


Latest housing register statistics.

As usual  Maori displaying disproportionate need:

Out of interest I made a second gragh to see how the proportions compared to when Labour came into office:

Matters have worsened for Maori. You wonder why they keep voting Labour really.


david said...

Is this a real increase in need or is it based on expectations? Have people who previously assumed it was pointless applying decided that now there is a labour government there is a better chance of getting lucky?

Lindsay Mitchell said...

tick, tick ... and tick

With private rentals rising in line with property values more seek the comfort of income-related rents.

Having said that Priority A applicants, those who are "considered at risk and includes households with a severe and persistent housing need that must be addressed immediately" make up 90 percent of the total.

Labour governments make it their responsibility to house people and so 'failure' is the correct and fair summation of their performance.

Hilary Taylor said...

Great example in Stuff other day of a young Maori couple, she 18 & pregnant, he 20 & jobless. Pic shows her looking calm & he looking at the ground, hurt, cross. Lead story was the Rotorua motel beneficiary 'city'. Here we had 2 new beneficiaries about to birth another soul into this milieu. Agencies trying to help, but really what have we/they got here but 2 young adults who would be either working or training or seeking it but for their failed contraception efforts....for surely they were contracepting.. Why not? Reliable contraception has been about all my life & I'm 63. It stuns me. Will they consider adoption? Almost certainly not. 2021 we still have young folk with little personal agency & no family support...'toxic' apparently so hence their fleeing and expecting the state to provide an income & a home, please, if you don't mind.