Thursday, January 21, 2021

John Bishop: "Smiles all very well but we need a bold vision"

That's the title used in a column by John Bishop (father of National MP Chris Bishop) published in today's DomPost.

I used to think the PM so loved her position and the cheers of the adoring crowd that she would not do anything that risked losing or lessening her position at the pinnacle of admiration.

I have now moved away from that to the much less charitable view that she doesn’t know what to do. She has no real vision of what she wants New Zealand to be like, beyond the usual clich├ęs.

I shared the second view when she was an opposition MP with the social development portfolio and have never had reason to change it. 

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pdm said...

The second view is now well proven. She does not even know how to demote (sack) Ministers who show they are not up to the job or a Speaker of the House who is a despicable man and an embarrassment to New Zealand.

I think she also lacks the guts to do these things.