Monday, December 28, 2020

Holiday quiz

Here's a holiday quiz for you.

Read the following article to identify what is 

1/ Factually wrong with the headline and;

2/ What is the missing statistic?


homepaddock said...

It was almost always the mother, rather than either parent, who used to stay at home and there’s no statistic for the increase in solo parents.

Desperado said...

Is it to do with the rise in stay at home Dads?

Lindsay Mitchell said...

Desperado, Bingo! That trend was completely overlooked.

Sam said...

How dare people want to raise their own kids. They belong to the state and indoctrination must begin immediately. They are required to be excellent global citizens after all.

Oddly enough, doesn't the state actually pay for a certain amount of early education hours, but not give people an option to use that money for someone to stay home with the kids? Forgive my ignorance on the matter, I don't have any kids of my own.

Lindsay Mitchell said...

Subsidies for Early Childhood Education kick in from age 3 and no they can't be used except in registered centres. Your initial comment prompted me to recall a recent caller to talkback describing how they teach te tiriti values at kindergarten. The three 'P's apparently - partnership, protection and participation. Starts young.

Mark Wahlberg said...

lindsay, Tigerlil attended many of Nathan Wallace's seminars during the years she was employed in the business of early child development. When her employer stopped paying for her to attend the seminars she paid her own way such was her belief in the information she was being given.

At no time did Tigerlil feel Nathan Wallace's message was being delivered from a political perspective. But having said that, it would be naive to suggest that somebody paid $1000 plus a day to impart their wisdom would not be expected to promote in some small way the sponsors message.