Monday, November 02, 2020

New Police Minister: Does she still want to reverse the burden of proof?

 Poto Williams has been appointed Minister for Police. 

I recall being rather alarmed about her views just three years ago:

Labour MP Poto Williams is calling for rape investigations to reverse the "innocent until proven guilty" legal methodology.

Labour's sexual violence spokesperson, Mrs Williams has called for radical reform of the sexual justice system which would see rape accusers believed by police as a starting point.

This would place the burden of proof on the accused - directly contradicting the philosophy of "innocent until proven guilty".

It's conceivable the new Minister for Prevention of Family and Sexual Violence, Green MP Marama Davidson could throw her weight behind this.

Am I wrong to be worried that we are in for some scary stuff?

And how come Greg O'Connor has never gotten anywhere near a police ministerial role with his decades of experience?

Too conservative. By a long shot.


Brendan McNeill said...

It appear as though we face three years of the more radical political left. The idea of abandoning the assumption of innocence for any reason is an abandonment of 800 years of jurisprudence founded on the Magna Carta.

Max Ritchie said...

Fortunately she is the Police minister, who doesn’t get to decide legal things. The Justice Minister is Faafoi, who while not legally qualified (or any other sort of qualified), is unlikely to initiate such a fundamental change to our law.

Lindsay Mitchell said...

Max, I do understand that. I am merely pointing to how the weight of opinion and position might fall.