Friday, October 30, 2020

Resounding referendum result

 David Seymour decided to draw up his End of Life Choice Bill five years ago. His primary reason was compassion. He believed it was the right thing to do. To the degree that he turned down two ministerships in the John Key government in order to pursue his bill.

The bill was drawn from the ballot on June 7, 2017 - before the 2017 election. It then went to parliamentary debate but NZ First made their support conditional on a referendum. I'm glad they did and was always confident that the public would support the bill. Why? Because this was the third time a voluntary euthanasia bill had been to parliament and the issue was not going away. Support was growing.

The 2020 referendum returned almost two thirds in favour.

What a great result.

Thank you David for the decision you made 5 years ago.


Oi said...

Common sense prevailed, However I have read how it will be implemented and applied and the hoops to jump through and the bars to surmount to attain such assistance are extremely high.

I'm afraid the method of putting the muzzle in ones mouth and seeing how many times one can press the trigger will be with us for a while yet!

Mark Hubbard said...

Great result.

Good on David, and classical liberal values.