Sunday, October 11, 2020

"Greens inviting Inland Revenue to your funeral"

Over at the Daily Blog Chris Trotter has characterised opposition to the Green's wealth tax as "the terrible power of selfishness."

Yes, the Taxpayer's Union has sent a personalised letter to people who own properties worth more than  $1 million (according to Trotter) warning about the Greens proposed wealth tax.

We don't live in a $1m house BTW but received a copy. I read through ours with interest. Here's the excerpt that grabbed my attention:

Trotter is terrified that this awareness campaign from the Taxpayer's Union could kill the Greens vote. But, he says, if it looks "over the next few days" like suceeding, Jacinda could give Chloe the nod in Auckland Central, or even tell Labour supporters to Party Vote Green. 

Problem is she's already been hurrying  her supporters to the polls and there might not be much left to manipulate come official polling day.

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