Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Name suppression

 Did anyone else notice that the killer of a New Zealand police officer in Croydon was named almost immediately whereas the killer of a New Zealand police officer in West Auckland still has name supression?


pdm said...

So true Lindsay.

In New Zealand it is not only murderers but Doctors, budding Lawyers, Entertainers, Sportspeople and Labour Camp fiddlers not named and shamed.

Oi said...

Yes. I did.
My opinion is that no-one should be identified before conviction - No-one should remain unidentified after.
Obviously there could be justification on the rare occasion when id'ing a convicted offender would put some innocent at risk - but I cant think of one off-hand

Johno said...

Victims should have a say, especially if identifying the convict implicitly identified the victim.