Monday, September 07, 2020

Low institutional trust by ethnicity

 Despite considerable variation between groups Parliament is the least trusted institution regardless.

Is that directly related to low voter turn-out I wonder? I don't particularly trust parliament but I still vote. I don't trust select committees to be impartial. Neither do I trust the current speaker to be neutral.When OIA responses are severely redacted or reports withheld  I don't trust claims of transparency.

Why is Asian trust the highest? Is it comparative to their country of origin parliaments?

I like graphs that pose more questions than they answer.

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Oi said...

I dont know Lindsay, but I heve never met a politician I would trust to see me across the road.
I am not saying there are not trustworthy politicians, its just that I have not met one and I have met a few!
I spent a ¼ century in the Police, but having been retired for a couple of decades, these days I dont trust them to attend and solve any problem I or anyone else has.
From what I know of the education system, it has been hijacked by the eco brigade. History has also been re-written to teach and favour the minority view.

That'll probably do for the moment - I can only bear so much abuse!