Thursday, August 20, 2020

Unhealthy health professionals

It is unedifying when one professional attacks another. It might even be described as 'bullying' not that I have much truck with that over-used catchcry.

I listened carefully to Simon Thornley yesterday speaking to Peter Williams on Magic Talk. Williams canvassed the professional relationship between Simon and Rod Jackson, who had a piece in the NZ Herald the same day. At no point did Thornley criticise Jackson but kept firmly on his own course.

Today the Dompost has a lengthy piece canvassing the views of epidemiologists in New Zealand.

[Jackson] has little time for Thornley’s arguments, and says they should not be given any oxygen. “I don't understand why people are pushing these obviously completely wrong messages.”

“He [Thornley] is the only dissenter in the epidemiological community,” he says.

“It’s not like this is a discussion like a boxing match with two equal partners. What you’ve got is every experienced epidemiologist in the country supporting the Government’s elimination approach.

“We are all advising the Government, and we speak with one voice. And you have got a junior epidemiologist who is presenting a different case.”

He uses the word "silly" twice to describe Thornley's views.

For mine I am always glad when someone who has doubts expresses them. Again we are seeing this creeping pattern of thought-supression playing out with Covid 19. 

It's very unhealthy.


gravedodger said...

I am of sufficient time on planet to recall how Diplomats once upon a time had "Robust discussions" and no further statements ensued. Translation they had nothing by way of agreement. Today it is all about consensus and inclusion, so rarely will anything be achieved.
That is why "freedom of speech" is so precious to the more mature, if an opinion cannot be challenged mediocrity will prevail and as many understand sometimes decisive is an only option however ugly taking it may be.
I recall a crusty old Public servant from the then Agriculture dept at a YFC meeting c1960 on making a way in farming. His main point was "make a decision" , do not procrastinate, even a wrong or poor decision is almost always better than no decision.
That is in a nut shell a major failing for the current mob masquerading as a government, nine years opposition and when appointed to govern had no ideas, clearly no expectation of the now exposed very poor appointment as a direct benefit to the one person involved, result well in excess of a hundred inquiries, committees and other buck passing instead of actually governing. Governing, what administrations used to do as a matter of course. In the modern way accountability is avoided entirely. The chaos reigning around Quarantine is graphic, many cutout "Ministers" who can all act as a circular firing squad with blank ammunition, no blood, no accountability and a media purchased and paid for in full, failing in their traditional fourth estate role.

oneblokesview said...

Professor Jackson seems a bit miffed that a Junior at HIS University dared to challenge the old school who speak with one voice???? excuse me :-)

But points to Prof jackson for being media savy and using quoteable quotes for a gulible journalist to provide deflection..