Tuesday, July 14, 2020

The young don't vote

Not an excitable person by nature, I still managed to say out loud, walking on the beach with my dogs today, earphone in and listening to Magic Talk, "Bullshit."

Some panelist or commentator was saying that because Jacinda appeals to the young, National had to select a leader who could do the same.

Idiocy.  National should represent the values it traditionally has and appeal to the older voters that reliably go to the ballot boxes. Demographics are on their side. Proportionately the young vote less,  and their share of the electorate is shrinking proportionately.

Certainly, parties need to renew their voter base over time but right now, in these extraordinary times, that consideration is not a priority.

Pleased Judith Collins is new leader and I like Gerry as deputy.

Now we'll see how much real support there is for the political status quo.

(Written as an ACT voter).


Mark Wahlberg said...

Its like getting the car tyres retreaded with second hand rubber.
Bring back Todd!

Max Ritchie said...

Sadly, Mark, Todd does not have the bottle. Very hard job and he didn’t make it. While Collins has flaws (but then don’t we all?) she is the man (sic) of the hour and for this time. Good luck to her.

Mark Hubbard said...

Agree Lindsay. My only worry is ACT was set for a great election, but will lose some of their vote back to National now, which isn't great for (my single issue this election) the chance of getting the Dying with Dignity bill through.

Although I seem to remember Collins voted for the bill at least the first two readings, I must go and have a look.