Monday, July 06, 2020

Politicising personal tragedy

My personalized latest e-mail from Jacinda says:
Over the last 15 months, we have been through a lot together - a terrorist attack, a volcanic eruption, a global pandemic and now its ensuing financial crisis - and I am truly thankful to each and every one of you for all you’ve done to support each other through difficult these times.
If I had personally experienced the terrorist attack or volcanic eruption - directly or through family - I'd be thoroughly pissed off with the universalizing of these events.

It diminishes the pain, the very private intense pain that was endured.

Jacinda is quite crude and cruel in her disregard for this.

She co-opts events for her gain.

I'd be ashamed to stand behind such a statement.


pdm said...

I see over at the BFD the suggestion that she is trying to wrangle an invitation to the private service for PC Hunt.

The woman has no shame if that is true.

Desperado said...

I guess it's unifying for most people having 'been through it', by hearing about it on the news. Jacinda is perhaps their proxy for expressing their sympathies. It might be jarring for those actually touched by the tragedies but actually a pretty powerful strategy all up (good taste not withstanding).

Rick said...

From a Collectivist point of view (which the mainstream currently holds) what happens to one happens to all. So 'we' all went through these things.

When a tiger attacks the herd of springbok it's perceived that the entire herd is prey, not some individual springbok. It's not individual, it's not personal. That's the mindset brought forward to the human world. It's Group Think.

From an Individualist point of view (very much in the underground currently) events happen to individuals. What is done to one is done to one, not to their tribal group or identitarian sect. To take someone's personal ordeal or work and make out like it belongs to the group is an act of appropriation.

Deep down the Collectivists know that they are appropriators which is why they Psychologically Project so must about Appropriation by blaming other people for doing it.