Thursday, March 26, 2020

Arbitrary and unjustified closure of businesses

A small community.

A smallish supermarket, a dairy, a butcher, a green grocer and a bottle store.

Now only the first two have state permission to continue to trade.

The butcher and green grocer have existed under the same owners for a long time. They know their clients - many elderly - very well. They deliver to them. They chat, are on first name basis. They have occupied their premises long-term and serve a community function beyond their brief. They provide an essential service.

In the time they have traded, the supermarket has changed hands 3 or 4 times. The current owners do not know the community to the same extent.

Under Covid 19 Level 4 powers, all of the trading ability has been stolen from 3 and gifted to 2.


With two open, people will continue to come to the village and shop. The supermarket will require more staff  increasing potential exposure between staff and customer, thereby nullifying the decrease in potential exposure between butcher, greengrocer and customer. The supermarket presents far more opportunity to touch produce and surfaces than the butcher and greengrocer where you ask for what you want.

This is another authoritarian ruling that is ill-founded and illogical.

(And I can't find a link but it seemed that Katherine Rich from the Food and Grocery Council was today hinting that the supermarkets may soon be able to supply liquor for delivery. A full hand.)

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MvL said...

The madness continues with milk deliveries
So now instead of walking to my front gate I have to drive to the supermarket and brave the chaos there. Forget online delivery. Countown for example have no slots available for 7 days
and nothing visable after that.