Monday, January 06, 2020

Motel charges premium for emergency housing

At long last MSD has updated OIA requests. Responses up to November 2019 are on-line and always make for interesting reading. For instance payments made to the Olive Tree Motel for emergency housing.

Clients are granted an amount which is paid directly to the motel.

In the June 2019 quarter the motel was receiving $265 per night.

But nightly charges per unit range from $145 to $165 according to their website. Charges reduce for longer stays.

Another request reveals that over 600 accommodation providers  received emergency grants in the June 2019 quarter. How many share a similar premium policy? It's certainly a booming 'industry' with a 49 percent increase in average grant between Sep 17 quarter and June 19 quarter:

I leave the comments to readers.


Cactus Kate said...

I am pretty sure if you had to rent to their clientele you would charge a premium as well Lindsay!!!

Mark Wahlberg said...

Perhaps if MSD were wired into Trivago they could get a better deal for their clientele.

Its not the moteliers fault, isn't it the law of supply and demand? With large numbers of families and individuals living in suburban garages and garden sheds which lack even basic sanitary amenities but are paying through the nose for the privilege,living in a motel would be like an upgrade from economy to business class on a long haul flight to London.

Housing people in motels may not be perfect, but at least a man might be able to rent a garage for his car.