Friday, November 15, 2019

Is having to feed kids breakfast at school cause for celebration?

MSD thinks so:

The KickStart Breakfast programme will tomorrow celebrate 10-years as the only national breakfast programme of its kind in Aotearoa, serving more than 30 million breakfasts since 2009.

73% of Northland schools participate down to 26% in Canterbury.

Now this government 's goal is to replicate the dependency on lunches as well.

Truly aspirational.

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The Veteran said...

Lindsay ... it's a sad reflection on society that it's come to this but I struggle with the alternative ... have the kids start school hungry and they're behind 8 ball when it comes to learning. You can't force the small minority of 'parents' who for whatever reason make feeding their kids a low priority to change their behavior ... there will always be that minority so what are you left with? Do nothing or do something.

If the something is bkfst then sobeit. But there are other things you can do ... like requiring any child presenting at a pre-school or school to be vaccinated against a range of infectious diseases as a condition of enrollment.