Friday, September 13, 2019


My most hated word is 'survivors'.

A survivor used to be someone who lived through the Titanic sinking or Auschwitz.

Now it's anyone who has experienced bullying or harassment.

And what about 'sexual assault'?  So broadened and bastardized as to now include any kind of unwanted touching disconnected from intent?

I have no idea what has been going on with Labour volunteers and staffers.

But it just goes to show that he who controls the language does not control the argument.


Mark Wahlberg said...

Lindsay, I also believe its enough to make any accusation via anonymity for it to be proven.

If these rules had been true in my formative years, I would continue to languish in some secure unit somewhere,still considered unfit for a return to civilised society.

Rick said...

It's called Victimhood Culture. Their 'means of production' does not consist of creating goods and services but of tapping in to those who do. Pleas of hurt feelings, of offence, of "surviving"....

Someone should write a book about it.

david said...

Disclosure: i am a male (and white) so really don't understand these things. I was intrigued by the court case for the labour youth camp offender where the charges of sexual assault were dropped in favour of the "lesser charges" of common assault. I know technically its assault even if you just lay a hand on someone to restrain them but i presume charges of assault are generally not brought unless some physical harm is done. And i can accept that sexual assault where physical harm is done or excess force is used should be seen as more serious than an equivalent act where which is non-sexual in nature. But there is a whole bunch of activities that are classified as sexual assault that I would describe as attitude dependent. Actions that are accepted or welcomed from a friend or lover but repulsed from anyone else. Such an action by a male in the mistaken expectation of being received favourably is not, in my view, a more serious offence than common assault. And the recipient of the unwanted attention is definitely not a survivor.