Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Ethnicity matching

"The state thinks it's ok to place children outside their genealogical links."

This from Dame Tariana Turia speaking at the 'Hands off our Tamariki' rally at parliament yesterday.

Clearly the state tries very hard to keep children within their whakapapa links. That may actually be part of the problem of re-abuse in 'state care' - that children have been left  or placed with unsafe family members.

But the state certainly tries very hard to place children within their own ethnicity. (Again not something I necessarily agree with if the child's best interests are not being served.)

That's why they measure their achievement in this endeavour:

 Green Party co-leader Marama Davidson, who attended the protest with a host of other MPs, said the "torture and abuse" at the hand of the state must stop.

That is one seriously misguided, dangerously inflammatory individual.

If  abuse at the 'hand of family' were to stop Oranga Tamariki, the focus of all this venom, wouldn't need to exist.


Jim Rose said...

This stop uplifts movement in the maddest political movement in modern times. There are some bad parents out there and a few that are downright dangerous.

RNZ interviewed a Christchurch mother who had all five of her kids taken into care often at birth. She claimed all the uplifts were illegal. I don't think any bureaucracy's batting average is that they had

S Beast said...

I just watched a video by Stefan Molyneux about the childhood of Charles Manson. In it he quoted that in a household where there is a male not biologically related to the child the likelyhood that child will be abused increases x 30.

A bit confusing in the context of the evidence.