Thursday, May 23, 2019

State house waiting list more than doubles in three years

When people apply for social housing or to move to another social housing property they go on the Social Housing Register. June quarter 2018 statistics have just been released. Official reasons for the increase are listed below.

The waiting list has more than doubled in 3 years.

The increase in demand can be contributed to a number of factors:
• Public awareness of support available through increased media and stakeholder engagement activities,
• Increasing financial barrier and the impact of aging have meant that exit rates from public housing have been falling steadily,
• Tenancy Reviews have not yet resumed and the number of tenancies ending influences the number of available public houses

Translated as, renting a state house is much cheaper than renting a private sector property so more people are staying put and nobody is compelling them to move on.


Anonymous said...

It should only expand from this point.

State housing rent adjusts to 25% of then tenant's income. This is a luxury that so sharply contrasts with market rent people are now willing to live with with shitty neighbors to get it.

No surprise there. It is strange that the subsidy distortion continues unabated leaving State house tenants considerably better off than those unable to access it (in particular disabled because they don't match housing stock to disability).

Originally the AS was brought in early 90s so low income earners had a choice between State housing and private market. The market has been so distorted by government intervention that this is not a choice anymore if you want to stand a chance of meeting basic costs including saving for retirement.

Lindsay Mitchell said...

But landlords aren't profiting from AS.
As the govt intervention has gone on, the yield from private rental properties continues to decline.

So what is the answer? Lift the rents on state houses to move people into the private sector?