Monday, February 11, 2019

Flummoxed by latest political poll

I couldn't really give a fig if National tanks. They've been almost as socialist as Labour for a long, long time. They message otherwise then merely manage degrees of intervention and redistribution.

But I am surprised at the latest poll result that has Labour well up and National down. I'm not sensing any warming to Labour or Jacinda. Talkback, letters-to-editors, personal conversations don't find for Labour.

Topical issues have run against Labour. Don't need to spell those out.

Leadership? Personally I lost any interest in Bridges when his ' useless' descriptive remarks about a fellow MP came to light. Because he had painstakingly painted himself as Mr Nice Guy prior. BUT I am atypical.

Such a sizable swing simply makes no sense to me.


macdoctor said...

A single poll is as meaningful as a statement by Ms Ardern...

Mark Hubbard said...

I am very depressed about it all, Lindsay.

We are now basically a nation of free lunchers, per that poll. And we are screwed. Thank god I'll be dead before the twin evils of socialism and identity really do their damage, and on principle I will continue to live a free life ignoring that irrelevant cesspit called the Fortress of Legislation; I do no harm, but I do what I like outside of that. I hope the Beehive falls into the sea, because we need to start again. Let's all go back to America, 1776.

Psycho Milt said...

I'm not sensing any warming to Labour or Jacinda. Talkback, letters-to-editors, personal conversations don't find for Labour.

Confirmation bias. Radio talkback and letters to the editor are the traditional preserve of grumpy old conservatives, and our personal conversations are with our own peer group - among mine, it's rare to encounter anyone who supports National.

Brian MarshALL said...

Reid polls are among the worst of the polling company polls, Lindsay. They're all over the place like a mad woman's breakfast.

I don't detect any love for Labour except from those hard core Labour supporters that I know. They're tribal Labour and don't reflect all the other people I speak to everyday. Business is starting to hurt, and at some stage that's going to effect the Government coffers. Unemployment is starting to creep up and with everything else this government is doing to screw this country, we will see it hammering them in the polls at some stage.

Roj Blake said...

Do you like roads?

That's Socialism in action.

Allan said...

I have always said that a good percentage of people have not got the intellectual ability that is needed in order to make a sound decision and do not really deserve to have voting rights. If this poll is correct it would confirm my opinion. Most of the current Government policies will have disastrous results and most probably effect our standard of living in the future however the fools are being blinded by fairy dust and false promises and unfortunately continue to support the bunch of muppets who are currently in Government.

pdm said...

I heard a chap telling Andrew Dickens at about 10 to 4 this afternoon that he was phoned by the pollsters but ruled out on age.

Does that not distort the poll?

Roj Blake said...

Depends on:

a) If you're bloke is telling the truth,


b) if they have or have not filled their quota for an age group.

A distorted poll would be one were all the respondents were 55 year olds living at home with mum in Gore.

Lindsay Mitchell said...

pdm, The pollsters will have sampling requirements. To match the 'typical' potential voting population will require 'typical' respondents. At some point that might involve excluding an age group they already have enough responses from. If he had been rung earlier he might have been included. Make sense?

Roj, Yes I like roads. We all pay and we all benefit. My beef is with ever increasing intervention and redistribution that has the state picking winners and losers.The process has all sorts of unintended consequences and negative behavioural effects we would prosper without.