Wednesday, November 07, 2018

No beneficiaries will be forced into jobs

The aged-care sector is asking government to change rules to allow more immigrants to fill the shortage of care-givers. Apparently some beneficiaries are being trained but according to MSD Minister, Carmel Sepuloni:
" one would be forced into jobs."
"First and foremost it's about making sure that MSD clients are going into work that is sustainable and meaningful to them. We know that that makes the difference with respect to how long they stay in that employment and whether they end up back on benefit. This is not a situation, and we won't be getting into a situation, where we are forcing people to take up particular work," she said.
So beneficiaries won't been "forced" to take available jobs, but the taxpayer will be forced to keep them.

There are over 70,000 work-ready JobSeeker beneficiaries and another 58,000 on Sole Parent Support.

While the Greens love this indulgence of the lazy,  how does the NZ First/Labour coalition deal with the conflict? Labour doesn't want to force New Zealanders to take the jobs and NZ First doesn't like immigrants taking the jobs.

What a shocker of a government.


Mark Wahlberg said...

Streuth, where do I sign up??

Do I get a commission if I bring new recruits into the fold?

What sort of Kiwisaver contributions do they provide for my super fund?

Work tomorrow- get a life-I'm going fishing... Some people have a bloody cheek!!!

j4d3 goat said...

"No beneficiaries will be forced into jobs" - but *we* are "forced"/compelled into paying *taxes* to pay for their lifestyle.