Tuesday, October 09, 2018

The metamorphosis of social security

The metamorphosis of social security and the growth of expectations and entitlement began early...

 ...and continues


Anonymous said...

I saw this picture in the Dom Post (it appears at work so I take 30 seconds to remind me why I wouldn't buy it). This woman is appallingly self entitled with no idea where money comes from nor any idea of the value of work. The vote should not be available to the likes of these.


Mark Wahlberg said...

Anon, while I share your opprobrium at the mindset which fuels such protest, their misguided point of view is not worth denying anyone the vote.
What I find disturbing is these lost souls develop their sense of entitlement with encouragement from the very people we elect to make sure such situations never develop and unfortunately, as Lindsay illustrates with her cartoon collage, change is not coming anytime soon.
The lesson has to come from the top, not the bottom and at the moment the only lesson on offer appears to "Tis better to receive, than to give" and all these years I thought I was dyslexic. Silly me!!!

Don W said...

Jacinda is making a song and dance about the petrol companies fleecing the motorist.
"Who is fleecing the productive to fund these no hoper scroungers Jacinda,?" You and your bunch of no hopers are.