Thursday, October 25, 2018

In general men are physically stronger than women

A fact.

But there are naysayers who will make a gender issue out of practical reality.

This one is lucky she received a personal and polite explanation for why her job application was unsuccessful. That's rare.

And she will find that she has a very long wait in the queue of people complaining to the Human Right's Commission - a highly dysfunctional body.

No, I don't give a fig for enshrined so-called human rights, now so far departed from original intention they provide 'legitimacy' to any and every trivial disgruntlement.

What is wrong with these crybabies?

They seem to live by the letter of bad law.


Rick said...

There are two competing ethics, or cultures if you like. Individualism vs Collectivism, distinctiveness vs blending, achievement vs participation, Common Law vs Civil Law, Reals vs Feels, developed vs juvenile. On that wrong side, the stunted growth side that is hugely predominant right now, they don't perceive individual differences. They 'blank out' as Ayn Rand says. Out of that comes the inability to see individual differences between men and women, for one thing.

Voyager said...

In general men are smarter than women.

In general men are richer than women.

In general men are more violent than women.

In general men are more misogynist than women.

In general, there is a lot of fucked up thinking in generalities.

If I want a typist, I will test their typing.

If I want a programmer, I will test their programming.

Why was she not tested for strength and stamina? I know women far stronger than me.

You call her a crybaby simply for wanting to be treated equally with all applicants. What does that make you, for whingeing about her?

Lindsay Mitchell said...

To live by the principle you embrace you will have to test every applicant which can, I believe, stretch to the order of hundreds for some jobs. Your alternative is to make some assumptions based on what you see in front of you and on what your experience tells you (probably soundly based on generalities).

Mark Wahlberg said...

There was this pile of large rocks in the yard which needed to be shifted from A to B.
Being of a helpful nature and because of my size and strength, I suggested it would be easy for me to do.
An associate who was half my size said he wanted to help.
Thank you for the offer I said, but it would be easier and safer for both of us, if I did it alone.
An hour later with the job done, I was berated for making my male associate feel physically demeaned which, it was said, made him look less of a man.

I thought I was being respectful to a young lady when I held a door open for her. Choosing another door, the young lady told me "I'm not f--king useless."

Its bloody hard being a grownup!!

GCMC said...

Some years ago, the Storemen & Packer's Union document contained a clause that stated that women members were not to lift items of more than 10kg in weight.
Men were not so restricted, so had to do this part of a women's schedule.
As an employer in an industry that stocked items greater than 10kg, I would have employed only men.
I don't know if that clause still exists.