Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Graph of the Day

(The first bar is 2017; the second, 2018)

Maori now account for the highest share of Jobseeker dependence, reflected in the regional differences.

MSD comments:
We can and must do better to support Māori clients. While there are many programmes and services that are successful in achieving positive outcomes for Māori clients, the outcomes gap between Māori and non-Māori is getting worse. 



Anonymous said...

The uptake of Disability Allowance is lowest for Asian, Maori and Polynesian populations (research Graham Howell).

This could easily mean that discrimination Maori experience when attending doctors who believe them bludgers also means these same doctors refuse to support signing onto SLP. This would automatically flood JSS with more people from this same group.

Lindsay Mitchell said...

The same logic would apply to Pacific people and Asians then? It doesn't BTW.