Saturday, September 01, 2018

Helen Clark lives in another world

"Men who hit women are really expressing a view, a feeling, that women are inferior to them, and they can do whatever they want," Ms Clark said.
What, then, are men who hit men feeling?

What are men who hit women in self-defense feeling?

Does she understand that outward behaviour is often a culmination of inward anger?

Does she have any idea what Alan Duff's theory of self-hatred means?

Has she any idea about men who are at their lowest ebb ever? Or, in her world, can males, by virtue of being males, never reach the lowest ebb?

I wish she would go away.


Anonymous said...

"I wish she would go away."

I feel the same. She comes across as a bitter and angry socialist whose dream of a utopia where her kind run everything has been checked by reality. The rejection of further baubles within the UN must have hurt her fragile ego.


Iain H said...

Agree, although I am enjoying her snide remarks about Jacinda's failures.

Allan said...

Who cares what Helen Clark thinks. She is a bitter and twisted person who is yesterday's news. Her views are irrelevant and I wish that she would just shut up and go away. You don't see or hear John Key or Bill English continually spouting off about current events which is the way it should be.

Cheryl said...

I always wonder if newspapers and tv programmes (Q&A) approach her or is it made known to them that she is interested in commenting or appearing. Are we really just part of a small minority that wonders why the media thinks that the public are interested in her opinions on what is going on in NZ?

Anonymous said...

Mind you, Jacinda deserves her snide remarks. For once, I agree with her. Is Helen regretting her previous public endorsement of the plastic princess PM??!

Mark Wahlberg said...

The game is called "Politics"

In her heyday Helen Clark made her mark as Prime Minister and held her own on the world stage. But in her twilight years the lady has become a bit of a virago.

But here it is in a nutshell. The ogre of personality politics.

"plastic princess PM??!"

I'm no fan of the Labour Party, but on the cusp of the last election Labour were dead in the water under the leadership of Andrew Little.

It was sink or swim and "Jacinda" with the assistance of NZFirst, pulled off what was considered by many to be the impossible. The lady left the National Party shocked, stunned and not a little bit amazed in her wake. Jacinda has the common touch and personality in bucket loads.

On the other side there's Simon Bridges,a slick lawyer flush with the sleek sheen of the privileged class.

In the "world of personality politics", Donald Trump may be all the things they say he is, but sure aint boring.

Anonymous said...

Mark, the media rolled her into power. She lost Auckland Central to Nikki Kaye twice over, and had to be given an ultra-safe Labour seat to 'win'. Same with the PM role. Ardern polled very much second behind English, and had to be gifted (or bribed into) the role by Winston. She is an utter lightweight, who does not cope once unscripted.
Nothing but a trojan-horse leader, way way out of her depth in the top job. She uses her baby when it suits her for publicity and is clearly not in control of her wayward Ministers!

Mark Wahlberg said...

Anon, what you say may well be correct. I dont for a minute believe she is the second coming, but the lady is still the Prime Minister with a large portion of the population eating out of her hand. Based on the cult of personality as presented by the media, She presents well and the "baby' is a legitimate political tool to use in wooing the gullible to buy the product. Its just glad handing of a more intimate nature.
With my pensioner heating subsidy to end this month, will get sun screen supplements to deal with climate change at the other end of the scale? i wonder whats on offer?

OlderChas said...

I heard a rumour that Hellun came back to NZ to await appointment as Governor General to New Zealand. God forbid that the woman who hosted and sent invitations to a State Dinner for HM Queen Elizabeth and then turned up in trousers is ever appointed to any position representing this country!