Thursday, August 09, 2018


What is this word now oft repeated to mean something of which I am unaware.  I could google it but some responses from people 'like me' (indulge me) would indicate that they at least get it, and I'm off the pace.


macdoctor said...

Woke: "accepting the conclusions of identity politics and postmodernism"
See also "Crazy as a loon"

david said...

It's deliberate bad grammar. I'm sure there is a purpose but not sure what it is. I have seen "I am woke to that" which I guess means I am awake to (or aware of) that.

homepaddock said...

I think it means you’re aware of social and racial justice - but only if you take a left wing perspective on them.

Anonymous said...

Woke is used when you’re bit retarded or something. I usually see it used when someone is described as Woke, because they support the latest fad. Socialism, Palestinian rights, gay or trans rights over the rights of others etc.
The person will use it as a badge of honour.
Eg: “Stephen is so woke. He protested against the Fascist Canadians when they visited Auckland. He stopped them Nazis from spreading their hate speech. He believes in free speech but not hate speech. He’s also against Don Brash since Don Brash’s call for one law for all is racist.”

Actually that’s a poor example. It’s not misspelt or lacking of punctuation enough for an example, but I hope it’s helpful anyway.
I see it a lot used in the USA by white supporters of BLM. It’s just a sign for me that I should not listen to any person described as such, as they don’t use critical thought at all.

Brian Marshall

Mark Wahlberg said...

Is there a prob ? I may be 3x20+10 but I'm hip. I can dig it Doll, we vibrating on the same plane here Socrates.

Black is the new white and for the sake of cosmic harmony,many are but a darker shade of pale, which may be beyond the pale for some.

Lindsay Mitchell said...

Thank you all. I am enlightened:-)

Rick said...

It's a term I wouldn't use but is used in my circles. Fairly subjective though because the value depends on what it is you're 'woke' to. The Left or the Right or the Whatever will all compliment someone as being 'woke' who demonstrates that they have a comprehensive understanding and agreement toward the mindset referred to.

'Woke' doesn't reach the heights of a Heinleinian 'grock' but it is always more comprehensive than simply voicing agreement. It's attributed to a person who gives practical examples of really 'getting it'.

eg An anarchist who doesn't know who the Prime Minister is right now. He's woke!

Peter Cresswell said...

It used to be called being politically correct.
Back when political correctness was still politically correct.