Friday, June 22, 2018

Maori and Pacific getting more dependent on state housing

Thanks to a publicized  OIA response , I happened across statistics not seen before. The data is from December 2017 and graphed below (n= 65,188):

Always interested in trends I did a quick dig about for earlier comparative data. Here's an answer to a PQ in 2003 graphed (n=61,947):

That's a reasonably substantial change in 14 years.

In 2003 the Maori and Pakeha share were identical at 29%.

Now the Maori share is 50 percent greater than Pakeha.

What I'd like to see is an age breakdown of those pie pieces.

How much is the growing dependence a facet of the ageing population?

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S. Beast said...

In the Social Housing Quarterly Report, Dec 2017 has a breakdown by ethnicity for the Housing Register (waiting list). Maori make up 44% and the number is similar for earlier years.

I came across an age breakdown a couple of weeks back as I was looking through MSDs website for housing but what I recall was region based.