Sunday, June 10, 2018

Benefits - the staple diet of gangs

If ever you want a damning example of why unconditional welfare benefits are a bad idea:

This fictional Gang Family Example reflects the Gang Intelligence Centre's research into real gang-related families.

• Ruby is in her early 70s. She has had nine children from two relationships. She has been a long-term beneficiary, and is currently the caregiver of several young children who are her family members.
• She is currently partnered to a gang member.
• All of Ruby's 9 children have been beneficiaries. Eight are currently on a benefit, and one is now in employment.
• All five of Ruby's daughters have been victims of family violence. One is also a family violence offender. Two of Ruby's sons are family violence offenders.
• Five of Ruby's adult children have been in prison and/or on probation.
• Two of her daughters are partnered to gang members and one son is a gang member.


The Veteran said...

Lindsay ... a number of moons ago I was a member of the Lottery Grants Board. A DIA staffer once made the comment that 'Gangs should be considered as nothing more than the Maori equivalent of Rotary and Lions' ... fair to say we were gobsmacked ... but I do have to wonder if perhaps that view is indicative how some in the bureaucracy see gangs.

Anonymous said...

The scary part for me is that she is the caregiver of young children. FFS, what chance will they have at a decent life!