Thursday, May 03, 2018

#MeTooNZ getting out of control

Just a few weeks ago I posted about the vigilantism of #MeToo arriving in NZ

Today's new-format trash-tabloid DomPost has its front page emblazoned with:

Doctor accused of sex with patients

Note that the on-line headline has been significantly modified to, "Wellington Doctor accused of having sexual relationships with women patients".

One of them even became his wife!!

This 'offending' has occurred over three decades and involves 3 women and the estranged wife.

The main complainant (not the wife) admits she entered into a consensual sexual albeit brief relationship with the apparently very popular doctor.

He pursues  patients he finds attractive. Buys them gifts, takes them on trips, buys them dinner. Not once is there any mention that he forced himself on one of them.

The Medical Council are investigating because it is unethical for doctors to enter into sexual relationships with patients.

Main complainant says she is not vindictive but doesn't think he is fit to practice. Well hello? He isn't practicing.

He is 64 as is the main complainant.

Clearly this is a publicity piece to draw out any other 'victims'.

Because it serves no other purpose.

The doctor with poor judgment sounds like a hopeless romantic looking for love in all the wrong places.

How far is this witch hunt going to go?


Mark Wahlberg said...

I once asked a lady newspaper editor to go out on a date with me.

Letting me down nicely, she suggested as I was a regular contributor to her august journal, it would be unethical on her part. Professional etiquette aside, I suspect she got suspicious of my motives when she caught me fondling her antique Underwood.

Lindsay Mitchell said...

In your neck of the woods, Mark, for the Doctor, every 'marriageable' woman may be a patient.
Trying to get young newly qualified GPs into the regions won't be helped by this crap.

Anonymous said...

I suspect its the old sin jealousy. She's getting on a bit and lamenting the fact that the good (clearly quite good) Dr chose another to tie the knot with. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned - even many years after no one had any idea any one was actually scorning anything.


Mark Wahlberg said...

Lindsay, I was this very week discussing with my dentist, elements related to this very issue..

He is a gentleman of my generation and looking at retirement. He was proudly showing me photos of his new boat and property in the Bay of Islands and I made comment about how happy I was to see my contributions to his retirement fund had been invested wisely.

Asking if his practice of 36 years, would be easy to pass on to new blood? he suggested no! Established dentists who want to down grade are few and far between. Young graduates want to work in the main centres where the opportunity for bright lights and big money eclipse the idea of a quiet but profitable country practice.
Also a spouse of either sex may have ambitions of their own which may not be fulfilled in Hicksville NZ.

As for single professionals on the make, the pickings around here are slim if one is looking to mix and mingle with ones contemporaries.

As with doctors in small town NZ, there are expectations for those vibrating on a higher plane to be involved to some degree in the communities social activities and as you suggest, " for the Doctor, every 'marriageable' woman may be a patient".

History is littered with stories of men who abandoned common sense to pursue a direction dictated by their penis. Tis the nature of the beast and I dont see it changing anytime soon!

Anonymous said...

Notice that since Labour was embroiled with their sex scandal re the youth camps, they have gone quiet on the me too campaign, before that, very vocal. Talk about a scandal closed down with great haste, with the police kept out of it...

Richard McGrath said...

This news item highlights the control the state feels it must exert over doctors. If a plumber - and I have nothing against plumbers - seduced one of his customers, would there be a newspaper story about it? Of course not. But a doctor who doses the same is not only (and rightly) accountable to his/her profession, he/she faces double jeopardy as the HDC will become involved. Dr Drew (who I briefly worked for as a locum years ago) is even in the firing line having some time ago retired from practice. For many doctors, events from the distant past - mutually consenting acts between adults - loom as a threat to their career, livelihood and psychological health. If the patients involved are regarded as "vulnerable", and this is considered an aggravating factor, wouldn't anyone who entered into a physical relationship with them also be morally deficient? Back to Dr Drew: when I brought the subject of this witch-hunt up at work recently, one of our nurses was shocked and said he was wonderful and the best doctor she'd ever had. And Lindsay, you are so right in one of your replies to a comment that this will do serious damage to the likelihood of young single male doctors working in small rural communities as solo GPs.