Tuesday, February 06, 2018

Quote of the Day

Paul Meredith writes, "Sorrenson (Ngata et al.1986, 258) cites a letter from Sir Peter Buck to Eric Ramsden who states:

'I am with you as an advocate for miscegenation. It is an inevitable process which has taken place down the ages and the blending of the two races into New Zealand citizenship should do away ultimately with the bickering between pakeha and Maori.' "



Barry said...

That statement from Buck's letter looks like a sick joke now!

Jigsaw said...

There was a movement early last century towards a pan tribal approach but both major parties have encouraged tribalism and an entirely 'hand-out' approach and now we are locked into something that I fear will be very destructive for the country. The stupidity of people like Geoffrey Palmer is staggering. Try reading things he said on the subject of settlemenst in the 1980's.

Anonymous said...

As a child living in New Plymouth I was frequently driven past what I was told was the Peter Buck Memorial on a hill side just north of Urenui - on SH3. It looked a bit mysterious - a canoe sticking out of the bush. I had little idea who Peter Buck was as my parents didn't know much about him but as an adult I have visited the site a couple of times and sought to learn a little about him. He sounds like a man with a bit of wisdom. There were a few about in those days but sadly they seem endangered today.

The memorial is a nice quiet spot to look at the view and wonder where we went wrong.