Friday, October 27, 2017

Green's persist with Turei's campaign

Thanks to a reader for highlighting this blog post from Jan Logie, now the Under-Secretary to the Minister of Justice (focussing on Domestic and Sexual Violence Issues).

Logie has stepped straight into Metiria Turei's shoes. This is exactly the message she was pushing before her fall. The message that unsettled so many New Zealanders.

Under the cloak of compassion it promotes open slather access to benefits.

Greater benefit dependency is not good, for many reasons. Being born to unknown or unnamed fathers is not good for children. These statements are generalities but they are self-evident.

People who work have obligations to their employers, and vice versa. The same should apply to a system that purports to replace income from work, at the very least.

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The Veteran said...

The entitlement to a benefit is not a one-way street. Any payment attracts obligations on the part of the recipient and that is right and proper. You dumb-down/remove those obligations and you run the risk of institutionalizing dependency .... but maybe that's what this coalition of the losers want.