Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Metiria standing in Te Tai Tonga

Metiria standing in Te Tai Tonga. She's not on the list.

2014 Candidate results for Te Tai Tonga

Labour Rino Tirikatene 8445
Māori   Rahui Katene 4891
Green Dora Roimata Langsbury 3173
Mana BEYER, Georgina 1996
Legalise Cannabis Emma-Jane Mihaere Kingi 1005

Can she win it?

As much as I like to see justice served, I also like hard work redemption stories. If there is nothing else to bite her, and she co-operates with WINZ in the way other beneficiaries are required to, and she expresses at least some understanding and remorse about lying to them in the past, she could yet turn into a worthy MP. Writing people off serves no purpose.

She's a talent. Has tremendous tenacity. But currently misguided.


Anonymous said...

Shaw has said she'll campaign for the Party Vote only in that electorate.

Go Directly to Jail. Do not pass go. Do not return to parliament.

The most foolish thing she said is that she expects press & public scrutiny of her family to top now she's resigned.
She really has no idea. To quote Malcom Tucker: Labour will "marshall all media forces of darkness to hound her to an assisted suicide"

Anonymous said...

'She's a talent. Has tremendous tenacity. But currently misguided.'

I disagree and in any case don't much care. She wants forgiveness without repentance. She's a compulsive liar, thief and a piece of self entitled deluded Marxist nonsense who has made life difficult for even those around her because she cannot keep her stupid mouth shut. Such as her have cause misery for millions when allowed to rule. I am offended that I may be expected to pay to keep such as this while they wallow in their self importance. She's not alone in her arrogance but she has taken delusion to a new level. Based on what I see and hear I hate everything she stands for. I want her charged for her offending.

What is encouraging is that even the stupid Greens could see that you cannot ignore economics 101 - piss off the punters enough and it will cost you your place in the trough.


Jigsaw said...

Can't really see a lot of talent. Her attacks on the government were often misguided and futile in the extreme. Her demise has also shown the weakness of James Shaw and the party generally.

Redbaiter said...

Maybe you wrote this before you knew the whole story.

Weak and ineffective justice systems are a major part of the West's moral collapse and its impending Venezuelan outcomes.

Metiria is an arrogant unrepentant crook who should be jailed.

She sure as hell should never be within a bull's roar of parliament ever again.

Lindsay Mitchell said...

"Maybe you wrote this before you knew the whole story."

No. I wrote it after a couple of wines and my penchant for redemption overwhelmed me.

Anonymous said...

she better win or her grand lifestyle will go out the door. Who the hell would employ her. Can't be trusted.

Might have to sell the bloody castle and live in a car like the people she defrauded. Karma.