Monday, August 28, 2017

Is Jacinda the next Michael Joseph Savage?

Is Jacinda the next Michael Joseph Savage?

Will the portrait of Adern adorn walls for decades to come?

Jacinda has evoked Savage for some time now.  She frequently drops his name and talks  about how his welfare ideal degenerated into a judgemental and unjust system under National. She is a little bit Turei, and a little bit Clark.

But no bit Savage.

His goal was to provide assistance for people who were utterly down on their luck through no fault of their own. 

Savage's social security, following in the tradition of the Old Age Pension and even the Widow's Pension, required applicants to prove they were worthy of state support - that provided by their unknown fellow New Zealanders. There was a strong and shared understanding about the deserving and the non-deserving.

That may seem archaic today - certainly to leftists (but not insurance companies). The 'societal social compact' the Left strongly champions was necessarily based on the deserving/non-deserving concept. Without it, the common understanding that held the compact together as a successful policy for so many decades was gone.

Now Ardern  talks forcefully about a better and fairer NZ. But she has no idea - or chooses to ignore - what fairness on Micky Savage's terms would look like.

He wouldn't have been trying to convince Labour supporters they need to pay a young woman $3,000 a year for her newborn. He would have been demanding that a father support his child. He would have strongly rejected any idea that the state should pay for what  Jacinda advocates.

She should quit exploiting past leaders to build support for her own senseless spraying of social subsidies.


Don W said...

Jacinda seems to think we are all children that don't have the ability to think ourselves and make our own way in the world and need a nanny state to watch over us and guide us .National aren't any better. While these politicians are acting like shonkey door to door salesmen, trying to sell a crook bill of goods, life goes on and it is business as usual. We don't actually need these politicians to tell us what to do and life progresses in spite of gov't not because of them. Then there is the cost to the taxpayer to funds all this malarkey. We need to get our inspiration from the person we see in the mirror not some shallow, self serving politician.

Redbaiter said...

If we need an historical comparison for Jacinda its Hugo Chavez.