Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Charter school supporter now Deputy Leader of Labour

I drew attention to this just a few days ago.

Wonder how Chris Hipkins is dealing with this?


Anonymous said...

At the end of the day is it going to matter? The choices in politics are bloody depressing and I despair at the dimness of so many of these supposed bright stars.


Anonymous said...

Labour is finished - very effectively knifed by Turei for the budger voter - and they've turned-on themselves out of desperation.

Now we sit back and watch while the Greens, Winston & Gareth Morgan rip the carcass to shreds.

The real question is for Bill & National - why did the waste this term like all the rest? With no real opposition, there could have been real policies, real reforms: the end of welfare, end of state education, end of state healthcare, end of corporate taxes, end of SOEs.

What have we to show for 9 years of National - absolutely NOTHING.

Frankly, anyone who doesn't vote for ACT doesn't deserve the privilege of the franchise.