Monday, July 17, 2017

Which Minister said this?

"The Minister said that the ministry takes a zero tolerance approach to benefit fraud for the same reasons it takes a zero tolerance approach to staff fraud. Benefit fraud is unacceptable because it undermines people’s confidence in the benefit system. If taxpayers suspect that some people are defrauding the ministry, this could cause a backlash against beneficiaries."


GCMC said...

Annette King...

Anonymous said...

Probably not the fat fraudulent (by her own admission) frog, more like Crusher Collins.

PM of NZ

WWallace said...

Steve Maharey, Minister of Social Development, 10 December 1999 – 31 October 2007

Lindsay Mitchell said...

WWallace, Correct. Do you think Andrew Little would/could reiterate that position in light of Turei's declaration?

WWallace said...

No, I don't think anyone (especially not Jacinda) would want to cast aspersions on beneficiaries or Greens (or both).

But a bigger question is, "would the National Govt reiterate that position" or are they too frightened of the polls, too? Maybe it will be left to ACT. Again.

Redbaiter said...

I'll go out on a limb here and predict that the issue of the Green Party leader's admitted fraud and theft from NZ taxpayers will fade away into history.


Because if they prosecuted Turei, they'd probably also need to prosecute who knows how many other MPs. Including perhaps the present Acting Prime Minister. Allegations against Bennett may be unproven, but they have the ring of truth to them.

When you have widespread welfare, you have widespread welfare fraud. When you have public standards of morality dragged down by govt policy, you'll get even more such degenerate behaviour.

Turei for example is not ashamed or repentant concerning her theft/ fraud. In fact, many have pointed out that she appears proud of ripping off the hard working NZers who pay the welfare bill. This is the self deceit a diminished sense of public morality will bring you.

If anyone hasn't seen Farrar's article today about how much solo mothers get from the taxpayer they should go there now and read it.

IIRC, a working solo mother receives a weekly subsidy of $640 from the taxpayer on top of her earnings of around $40,000 gross. So her disposable income is probably far above that of women working without any govt assistance.

When welfare recipients are treated with this kind of absurd generosity it amazes me that so many communists on Twitter and elsewhere claim New Zealand is not a socialist country.

That the Nats apparently think this is the way to prosperity for NZ shows how abjectly hopeless they really are. With the country almost a hundred billion dollars in debt they're chucking money around like this? Buying votes just like the equally corrupt Labour Party.

Madness. The Nats are insane, and so are the people who keep voting for them on the basis that they are "better" than the others on offer.

The Nats should not be given any support until they purge their party of left wing socialist scum. Which they will only do when in opposition or if in some way their grip on power is diminished.

Fans of small low taxing govt should not vote at all for the Nats, but instead direct their support to ACT or NZ First. It is essential for NZ's future and escape from the derelict destructive ideology of socialism that the current National Party is destroyed.

Anonymous said...

NZ First? NZ FIRST??? "low taxing govt"

good grief!

Lindsay Mitchell said...

ACT is the "small low taxing govt". But Red seems anti immigration (at least "excessive immigration" of the past few years) which requires NZ First. ACT is pro-immigration. Not a happy marriage there.

Redbaiter said...

Anonymous misses the point.

I don't care too much what the policies of ACT and NZF are for a number of reasons. Whatever they are, they're unlikely to be able to implement them. The parliament shows every signs of being a shambolic mess.

The main objective is to disempower the National Party and hopefully force them to cleanse their ranks of the lefties and progressives that were installed by Key and currently control the party.

I'm recommending NZF and ACT as a vote option only because for the purpose of this strategy, I see them as a better option than the Labour Party and the Greens. Although it doesn't really matter that much either way.

Re-electing the Nats is only an endorsement of their left wing trajectory over the last few decades.

I'm saying that has to be turned around, and even though disempowerment may not even achieve the changes I an suggesting, it has to be a better option than encouraging the bastards.

You want to re-elect the hapless far left Nats then go for it. You're still on the same rail line to Venezuela, and whether you elect National or Labour the difference only boils down to the slow train or the not so slow train (respectively).

The only way to get off the track is to get rid of the current lot of traitors and to populate National with fresh non-socialist MPs. You won't do that by continuing what you've been doing for the last nine years.

Key's appointees especially are hopelessly mushy commies. IMHO of course.

Anonymous said...

"The Nats should not be given any support until they purge their party of left wing socialist scum. Which they will only do when in opposition or if in some way their grip on power is diminished."

ACT by their lack of positive action these past three years are not the answer. They could have all of Winston's vote and more if only they would have some decent policy. However they remain the Nats lapdog, occasionally yapping at passing cars.

As always, Winston First has his same old offerings, which are resonating with the disaffected right leaning voter. Not the optimum choice but New Zealand needs an electoral disrupter to get all parties to rethink their tired failed offerings of raping the taxpayer. The Nats and ACT need to be forced back to the right.

As long predicted, Winnie will be the king maker. He will go with the Nats as that's where he'll not have to deal with any coalition of evil communist unions and rabid loons on the left. The cost to the Nats will be that Winnie will be our first Maori PM having already proven by their rancid Maori Party dealings they will sell their soul to remain in the trough.

PM of NZ