Sunday, July 23, 2017

Charter schools - at least two Labour MPs will fight for them

Well, one existing MP and one potential.

Willie Jackson runs a charter school and now Kelvin Davis, an educator himself, says he will resign if two Northland charter schools are closed.

Latest Labour policy intends:
"Repealing the legislation allowing for Charter Schools."

More dissent amongst the Labour Party.


Anonymous said...

Ideology cannot deny what works for ever. At last we see this dawning on those for whom it is pertinent. Little still preaches a union mantra as he marches off a cliff.


Don W said...

We want our children to go to school to learn stuff. But we want our children to learn how to use their initiatives, to be able to reason, think for themselves and to grow up to be able to make good choices so they can follow their dreams and and ambitions so they can achieve and have good lives but most of all to be free. The state school system is about producing children that will grow to be factory fodder that will pay taxes, serve the state, not unlike a herd of cows. The state doesn't like individuals with minds of their own.

Anonymous said...

The point of charter schools was to smash the teacher unions.
It would be about a 10 clause amendment to the charter school act,
and one clause repealing most of the education act,
and then every state school is a charter.

One more clause and teacher unions are illegal.

Lindsay Mitchell said...

The point of the charter schools was to provide a better education and opportunities to children, especially those from difficult backgrounds.

If their success does "smash the teacher unions" that would be another achievement but not, I think, the direct objective.

Jigsaw said...

Quite a strange thing that the objective of the charter schools that Kelvin Davis supports is to perpetuate racial division. We have little idea of what is actually being taught inside many of the immersion schools. I suspect some revisionist history and a good amount of anti-pakeha hate. Such schools funded by the State are a very bad idea.

Mark Wahlberg said...

Jigsaw, do you have the same concerns about what is being taught in Exclusive Brethren Schools, Seventh Day Adventist Schools, Islamic Schools, Tongan Church Day Care Centres, where do we draw the line?

Cant see a lot of freedom of expression, individualism and the right to choose being promoted there.

I was one of several people in my school who were failed by the pakeha education system of our day because we didnt fit the colonial mould. Sixty years on the system continues to fail students because society has become more complicated and there aint enough money,resources or the will to fix it other than screeds of rhetoric.

If charter schools can bridge the gap between success and failure, I'm all for it.
As for total immersion, the children of friends go to one such school and they can speak two languages, where I can only speak one.