Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Baby Bribes

Labour is promising to pay the poorest  people in NZ over $3,000 a year to have a baby. That's the essential upshot of their Best Start package. Catch is, the payment only lasts till the child is two. What then ? Simple answer: have another baby. Stupid answer but simple.

Their next bribe - which will have Winston downing doubles - is extra cash towards electricity costs for ALL superannuitants (and beneficiaries). Yes, that surprised me, even for Labour.

They expect 80 percent take-up among pensioners. Who knows what that is based on but even at 80 percent there will be a truckload of people applying who do not need the money.

Will this get a good chunk of the usual non-voters out? Because that is surely their overarching game plan.

(If my response is harsh, even those I generally disagree with - the CPAG - don't like the package.)


Redbaiter said...

What a disgusting despicable farce socialism makes of the democratic process.

This is not an election, its a vote auction.

And no party is any better than any other, given they're all into destroying independence and encouraging govt dependency with equal fervour.

Worse, the votes are bought with money that does not even exist.

Note no party is talking about debt?

Stupid reigns in New Zealand, where voters don't even give a damn where the money comes from as long as they get some of it in their pocket. So thick they can't see that a steadily dwindling productive sector cannot keep supporting a growing legion of parasites, and once the producers have succumbed, there is no money, borrowed or otherwise.

Across the globe, socialist countries, where the population at large is too stupid to see the downside of continually robbing producers, will be sucked into an increasing vortex of debt. As their institutionalised looting makes local producers inefficient, and simultaneously encourages new investors to stay away from the country.

This stupidity is the expected result of a dysfunctional and politically corrupt education system, a similarly politically corrupt mainstream media, and resultant low quality politicians.

But these low quality politicians have to be elected before they can do their damage, and for this we thank Millennials, engorged by this corrupt socialist system and who don't know their arse from their elbow. They are the worst offenders. Closely followed by the hippified baby boomers, aka the Jane Fonda generation.

Both factions continually jostling for their share of the cake without noticing there's no one making any cake any more.

NZ is on the road to hell, and each election, the accelerator gets pushed a little bit harder.

Don W said...

The Labour party will need the Greens to be in gov't. Didn't the Greens promote money printing at one stage.? How else will they be able to fund this. But with all the spending (bribing) National want , maybe they will,again, beat Labour to the punch and start the printing presses first.

Ian James said...

An old saying goes something like this: "Socialism is a wonderful system until the money runs out"

Anonymous said...

Just to talk about a point brought up by RedBaiter

When was the last time you ever heard a politician use the word inflation? You are absolutely right, they are just able to keep borrowing more and more money, decreasing the purchasing power of what we already have, and use it to buy votes.

The sad part really is that they are continually taking more and more wealth from everyone (via inflation), and giving it to others. As our purchasing power is continually decreased, more people will begin to rely on the government for their living costs... Well I don't think this ends well for anyone.

My friend once said to me: breads and circuses, and I never understood what he meant all those years ago.

Redbaiter said...

A lot happening on Twitter on this issue.

Amazing to see ACT defending themselves from accusations of Eugenics. More amazing to see this allegation has a large degree of support among the voters.

How could NZ get to the stage where an accusation of Eugenics can be made against any political party and such an absurdity can actually be taken seriously???

NZ really is such a left wing swamp, and the reason is the abject failure of any political body/ party in NZ to fight the cultural war. In fact most who claim to oppose the left have sided with them in this war. That includes ACT and National even more so.

John Key, a committed progressive, gutted the National Party and expelled anyone who didn't buy into his cultural Marxist world view. Some say he is NZ's best ever PM. I say he's the worst.

Thanks to 9 years of National's weak soft left wing appeasing policies under Key we now have the commies (meaning most of the population) whining about inequality when for decades they've been using their vote to drag the country down into the Marxist mire.

And the joke is so many are so barren of intellect they think it can be fixed overnight, apparently by voting in a Labour govt.

NZ's problems run much deeper than the difference between Labour and National, and cannot be fixed by either party. Given they're both deeply committed to Marxist policies.

There's only one thing how that will fix NZ, and that is the necessary cathartic social and economic collapse and the political epiphany that will follow.

Mark Hubbard said...

I'm much more sympathetic to Red's view on this thread, except out of social and economic collapse, unfortunately you're more likely to see a fascist rise, not a free society.